Jun 01 2010

Impala Bullet Design

The Past


Up to the late 19th century shooting was easy and simple. Black powder was the propellant and lead the bullet material. With the development of smokeless powders lead suddenly turned out being too soft. Hence a bullet jacket was introduced, firstly made of soft steel with copper and tombac to follow later.

The full metal jacket bullet as a solution survived well into our time and due to the comparatively little wounding capability these bullets are even declared mandatory for military use by the Hague Convention.

The search for better performance on game lead to a temporary solution, the soft point bullet. This bullet is, however, handicapped by its design in principle: To achieve proper and acceptable killing performance it has to shed its kinetic energy by either loosing mass (fragmentation) or enlarging its diameter (mushrooming).

To do so, however, it has to rely on external assistance such as that impact velocity and target resistance have to be within certain limits. Going below these limits results in a FMJ effect and marginal wounding effect while on the other end of the scale excessive meat damage and insufficient penetration are imminent.

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The Ultimate in Lightweight Solids

The Future


Mass- and shape consistent universal bullet.

Kobus Du Plessis, known South African ballistician, consequently took advantage of the ballistic and forensic experience he had collected over decades. In 2002 he surprised hunters and experts as well with his ”shock wave inducing” Impala Solid.

It all happened when a friend destroyed the ribcage of an impala female using a   Marlin 45-70 Govmnt with a 350gr RNSP BULLET.

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Tissue displacement-not tissue destruction was the answer

His approach was high frequency displacement rather than work done (J/s).

This resulted in a bullet which’s sharp cutting edge and nose design develops strong radial shock waves in the animal’s organs.

As no deformation is necessary the Impala bullets do not rely on a fine balance between impact velocity, bullet diameter, bullet mass and target resistance (skin, meat and bone). The bullets performance is machined into its profile using a CNC lathe other than conventional bullets that is dependant of the anatomical structure at point of entering the animal.  The Impala Bullet is the only purposely manufactured shockwave inducing hunting bullet in the world.



Impala LWHV

Impala Light weight high velocity

The Light Weight High Velocity is the All-around Bullet.

Its incomparable flexibility permits its use at any distance, from springbuck and eland up to big dangerous game, including even buffalo and elephant.

Impala CFN (Bosvelder)

The introduction of the Bosvelder range of bullets resulted from Koos Barnard’s request to make him a Flatnose Semi-Wadcutter type bullet for his .375 H&H Magnum during his research for the article published in Man Magnum of July 2010(see reviews). It was immediately realised that the bullet shape and general appearance would be very much accepted by the South African bushveld hunters. After feedback from Koos, the bullets was tested in .30 and .375 calibres by various Impala Bullet hunters and performed excellent in every way the LWHV does. We thus have decided to introduce the CFN (Bosvelder) range in all calibers’ as an equivalent performer to the LWHV bullet.

Impala CHP “Moose Stopper”

Legal requirements in Scandinavian countries require the use of expanding bullets of minimum mass of 9.0 gram for the hunting of moose. The exellant performance of the Bosvelder on large african game such as eland and buffalo and the semi-wadcutter shape of the bullet that allows for the insertion of a decent cavity to enhance expanding  without sacrifiying the shockwave inducing features of the Impala bullet’s design, made it possible to introduce the “Moose stopper”. These bullets are distributed as a reloading component by Impala Europe in calibers from .30 upward in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.  Ammunition loaded with the CFN HP bullet are also being manufactured by Impala Europe in Austria and  is currently available in calibers .308 Win, .30-06 and 300 Win-Mag. The suxces of the impala bullet as a hunting bullet is not because of marketing strategies but because of the fact that it meet the requirements and high standards set by ehtical hunters. We believe that the shockwave inducing CHP  Impala Bullet will meet the high standards set by the Scandinavian moose hunters. The bullets can be ordered from IMPALA EUROPE.

Impala RNFP:

This construction combines maximum penetration with maximum stability during penetration with excellent shockwave inducing capability.

The bullet is heavier than the LWHV and the Bosvelder and trajectory not as flat. Target: all hunting situations where extremely long shots are not likely to be taken. In adequate calibers it is the optimum bullet for big and dangerous game.

Impala Conical Handgun bullet:


The conical handgun bullet is also designed for lever action rifles with tubular magazines, and low recoil applications. They are extremely accurate and capable of very high velocity in rifles. This result in high energy, penetration and stopping power. These attributes make the bullet ideally suited for handgun hunting, self defence and law enforcement. The bullets are also used in rifle calibres as well as in guns such as the .30-30 Win.and .444 Marlin. and .45-70 Govmnt.

Common Features

Monolithic bullets, CNC turned from a special brass alloy and well balanced.

2-4 grooves to reduce barrel friction. That result in less pressure, less barrel fouling and superb accuracy

Non calibre sensitive cutting edge for maximum shock effect and tissue displacement.

Equally suited for small and large game.

Impala Bullete equally suited for small game

High penetration, good stopping power and little meat damage.

No lead contamination of game meat and environment. In the 21st Century there is no room for game meat that is contaminated with lead and shot to pieces!

No more head shots to avoid excessive meat damage and run the risk of wounding animals.

Bag your meat don’t destroy it!

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