Jun 01 2010

Environmental Aspects

Bag your game, don‘t destroy it!

During the last two decades several lead free bullet constructions hit the market. They all have proofed that 1. Their performance is equal or better than that of conventional lead core bullets, 2. Their accuracy is equal or better than that of conventional lead core bullets, 3. They do not cause excessive barrel fouling or barrel wear.

Beside these facts there are 2 important reasons for lead free bullets.

1. Environmental Protection After lead has been eliminated from water pipes, gasoline and numerous industrial processes; hunting remains as one of the major causes for lead pollution. Well, most of it is the result of lead shot but imagine that a yearly number of approx. 1,5 million heads of big game taken in Germany correspond to some 30 tons of lead brought out by rifle ammunition. The situation is especially critical where birds of prey regularly feed on cadavers of or guts from game animals contaminated with lead fragments from hunting ammunition. Research results of both the Leibnitz-Institute for Zoo-and Game Animal Research in Berlin (IZW) and the Research Centre for Environmental Policy (FFU) at the Free University of Berlin (www.seeadlerforschung.de) are showing that lead intoxication is the major cause of death to the sea eagles. For the same reason several counties in California have already put a total ban on lead core hunting ammunition to protect the condors. 2. Consumer Protection As far back as 1984 Dr. Hermann Hecht of the Federal Institute for Meat Research (BAF) in Kulmbach, Germany investigated the lead contamination of game animals. It turned out that lead fragments can be found as far as 30 cm (14”) from the wound channel (see x-rays from IZW). Further the study points out how lead, originally harmless to man because of its minimal absorption, is transformed into soluble and potentially hazardous derivates during the maturing process of the meat. As critical limits were exceeded regularly Hecht recommended the ammunition manufacturers to develop lead free alternatives. Expertly hunting demands for bringing game meat, a premium aliment, on the market in perfect quality. Impala Bullets are lead free In the In the 21st Century there is no room for game meat that is contaminated with lead and shot to pieces!

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